Learn Digital Marketing


Have you learnt digital marketing yet? If ‘No’, then no need to worry. Here is a great opportunity for you to learn about the field.

Who Am I?

My name is Veerander Chowdary. I am an Entrepreneur, Social Media and Digital Marketing expert. I have five years of experience working in the digital marketing field and I know all ins and outs of the industry. I have conducted 25+ free seminars and sessions to educate digital marketing aspirers. So far, I have trained more than 100 students who are now achieving success in the field.

Why am I teaching this course free?

You might be wondering that why am I teaching this course for free. I am giving free courses on digital marketing because my mission is to reach out to people specially students and guide them that it can be a business and it has a huge potential in coming
years in India.

How to join the course?

You can register yourself for this course at any time. Go to https://helloveeru.com and register yourself for course. The course is completely free to join and no hidden costs are charged.

Who can learn this course?

Students who have a passion for digital marketing can learn this course.
Beginners who are interested in starting their own start-ups can learn basics to excel in the field after taking the course.
Or anyone who wants to understand basics of digital marketing can take up the course.

What the course outline entails?

I have designed this course to keep in view the basic needs of students. This course has a simple outline and anybody can take up this course. The course covers topics as follow:

Basics of SEO
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social Media optimization
Content and Email Marketing



  1. I found this course very interesting as I learned so much about basics of SEO. Really
    enjoyed the practicality of the course and how it helps you in real life. Its not like
    taking a course in school!!!


  2. Veerender sir makes learning digital marketing very interesting. It’s not one way
    teaching course but he offers students to discuss their ideas. It is like getting career
    counseling for free.

    “Ruthwik Sha”

  3. I was working on my own online start-up about food when I heard about this course.
    The course helped me understand that only SEO is not enough; you also have to
    work on other areas of DM to get success.

    “Deepak Kumar”

  4. I would recommend all students to take this course because digital marketing is the
    need today. It can help you in future if you ever think of an online start-up or plan to
    be a digital marketer.

    “Jyothi Yadav”

  5. I learned the basic modules of digital marketing in the course. It was a free course
    though I feel satisfied because it covered the most basic concepts very well that you
    learn in paid trainings.

    “Aishwarya M”

  6. I am happy that I took this course. It comes down to student level, making things
    easy to learn. Now, I also have an idea how to pursue my career in the most
    demanded field in India today.

    “Maneesh Singh”